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Our Philosophy

With its great food, Kitchen 73 pays homage to our father and the Italian Legacy
Whether it be through his recipe for our mouthwatering tomato sauce or our succulent homemade Italian sausage made fresh every morning, Kitchen 73 is a tribute to our culinary greatness.

We strongly believe in only serving fresh, local products
We NEVER use shortcuts in the kitchen – the food has to taste “authentic”.
This is why we bake our own specialty regular and gluten-free breads.
We also take great pride in giving back to our community.

For every meal sold, Kitchen 73 donates 73¢ to local charities.


Recommended by Our Chef

Find our usual customer’s favorite meals. From there, you’ll be able to get inspired and get ideas on what you’d want to eat at the restaurant




We are more than just a restaurant. We always go further in order to put our Customers as the number One priority in our Hearts. In fact, that’s the reason why we offer these products and services ; to satisfy your needs.

More About Kitchen 73

We are humbled at how fast Kitchen 73 has grown. What started off as a simple concept of great service, fantastic food and a modern decor has grown into multiple flourishing establishments. Initially in 2013, we had hoped for just one amazing location; now, here we are with multiple locations and a few mobile food trucks serving thousands of very satisfied patrons every week. Customer satisfaction was always and is still our number one priority!

Contact Info

9192 Boulevard Maurice-Duplessis, Montréal, QC H1E 7C2


A Look Inside RDP

Get a visual on the experience, environment and feeling you’ll receive when eating with us!